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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Will KASPA Make Me Rich!?


Will KASPA Make Me Rich!? In today’s video fellow Crypto Miner and Content Creator @DjMines joins me to discuss KASPA! In this video we discuss When we started Crypto Mining KASPA and on what Hardware. Than we dive into our current KASPA CRYPTO PORTFOLIO! Finally we discuss what Hardware we have Mined KASPA on in the past and recent KASPA ASIC Miners that we purchased! IceRiver KS0, KS0 Pro, KS1, KS2 or KS3? What about you!? Finally we discuss, when are we looking to SELL OUR KASPA and WHY? Will KASPA Make Me Rich!? MAYBE!

📺Video Content and Chapters:
00:00 Will KASPA Make Me Rich!?
01:20 We WISH We Would Have Mined KASPA Earlier!
03:15 Everyday is Lost Profits while Waiting for your KASPA MINER to Arrive!
03:50 How much of our Crypto Portfolio is KASPA?
05:00 This MAN almost SOLD 1 Bitcoin for KASPA!
05:45 Diversifying Our Portfolio’s in the Bear Market has been Clutch!
06:15 We are BUYING KASPA Hardware RIGHT NOW!
07:00 Every Few Days is a Kaspa All Time High!
07:45 Where do we Think KASPA will be at End of 2023?
08:45 BUILDING my BAGS in the Bear Market and Seeing them EXPLODE!
10:20 KASPA is why it’s IMPORTANT to Chase YIELD with New Coins.
11:00 Is BITCOIN or ALT COINS going to Define the Next Bull Run?!
11:45 When is it the BEST TIME to SELL your KASPA?


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