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Sunday, July 14, 2024
HomeMiningWhat is the BEST Bitcoin Miner in 2024? BITMAIN ANTMINER S21 REVIEW!

What is the BEST Bitcoin Miner in 2024? BITMAIN ANTMINER S21 REVIEW!


00:00 Prelude
02:47 How loud is the Bitmain S21?
03:17 Introduction of the Bitmain Antminer S21
04:13 Sponsor
04:23 What is the hashrate and bitcoin mining pool showing?
05:03 Ambient temperatures matter a lot on this the Antminer S21
06:08 How loud are the Bitmain Fans?
06:51 How efficient is the Bitmain Antminer S21 due to Ambient Temperatures?
08:00 I’m using almost 400 more watts than advertised.
08:19 The Bitmain Antminer S21 has low power mode
08:40 The new power cable connection for the Bitmain S21 P13 to C20
10:35 Fluctuating low power mode power and hashrate
11:05 What are the risks in deciding to get into Bitcoin Mining?
11:38 When is the Bitcoin halving going to come?
11:55 Do you believe in Bitcoin?
12:24 What is the current mining profitability on a Bitmain S21?
13:21 What is your electrical rate?
13:30 What could happen after the Bitcoin Halving?
14:30 What could your Bitcoin profits be after the Bitcoin Halving?
15:20 What price does Bitcoin have to be to stay at the current Bitcoin mining revenue profit?
16:02 Will the Bitcoin network hashrate continue to climb?
16:45 The Bitcoin Halving happens every 4 years
17:11 Will the Bitcoin Halving be a catalyst for price appreciation?
17:37 Which New Bitcoin miner do I recommend at this current time?
18:00 Will the Bitmain S21 have high failure rate?
18:35 Will there be a new firmware or control board for higher efficiency?
18:45 Low Power Mode efficiency results
19:48 What is the best Bitcoin miner for mining Bitcoin?
20:32 What are your thoughts of this Bitcoin miner?


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