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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Vilonia City Council hears public debate on proposed crypto mining site


The Vilonia City Council heard comments Tuesday over a proposed plan to build crypto mines in the town.

A crypto mine is a large computer, or collection of them, used to generate cryptocurrency. Across the country, residents living near the mines say the sound is too loud and often unbearable.

After one was built in the small northeast Arkansas town of Bono, residents have complained of loud, constant noise. Melissa Blackwell lives just outside of the Vilonia city limits, and said she was speaking on behalf of “shut-in people.”

“Nobody wants to buy a house next to a crypto mine,” she said, echoing sentiments that others expressed over their property values dropping following the construction of the mines.

At the same meeting, the city council approved an ordinance barring noise over 60 decibels. City council member Steven Craig says, as of now, the proposed crypto mines don’t abide by city planning rules.

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