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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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The Best Ethereum Miner EVER


This is the best Ethereum miner EVER and it would make GPU mining worthless for mining ETH, the most profitable coin to mine with this miner, the EZ-100 is Ethereum Classic while dual mining Ziliqa ZIL — I am expanding my ETC ASIC mining footprint on the VoskCoin mining farm, and this is how and why!

One of the few coins Bitmain has failed to make great antminers for, has been Ethereum Classic and Ziliqa — Jasminer was previously making the best ETC ZIL ASIC miners, but now Bombax is the best miner manufacturer, by far, for these highly profitable cryptocurrencies.

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 A crazy profitable and efficient miner!
03:13 Putting this in the Digital Shovel!
05:00 Betting heavily on Altcoin mining?
06:14 The BOMBAX mines ZIL and ETC
08:30 What alt-coin crypto miner to choose?
09:30 This is quite an expensive miner but very efficient!
10:22 What Ethereum Classic miner is the best?
11:50 ETC mining has become more difficult
12:45 How is the Jasminer x16 performing?
14:00 Different batch?
15:34 The original Ethereum?
16:55 Bitcoin mining is too difficult?
18:00 Bombax EZ100 seems like a really good miner
19:45 Keep chasing the dream!


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