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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Taking my Home Crypto Miner Cooling to The Next Level!


Building a better solution for cooling full-size crypto ASIC miners at home involves addressing the three main challenges: noise tolerance, heat management, and high electricity consumption. The Inline Fan Shroud System presents an innovative approach to tackle noise and heat effectively. By replacing the high RPM fans of ASIC miners with an inline fan system attached to a custom ASIC shroud, miners can significantly reduce noise levels, creating a quieter mining environment. This system also enhances heat dissipation, ensuring the miners operate within optimal temperature ranges. Although this solution addresses two of the three challenges, it’s important to note that managing electricity consumption requires additional strategies. These may include optimizing mining operations for efficiency, considering renewable energy sources, or exploring advanced cooling solutions like immersion cooling, which can further reduce power usage by enhancing the cooling efficiency. Embracing such comprehensive cooling solutions can lead to a more sustainable and profitable home mining setup. Enjoy exploring these innovations in today’s video, home crypto miners!

📺Video Chapters and Content:
00:00 Best Way to Cool your Home Crypto Miners!
01:15 Overcoming the Challanges of Running Full Size ASICS at Home
01:45 Converting All My Bitcoin ASIC Miners over to Inline Fan and Shroud Systems
04:40 Removing the High RPM Loud Fans on My ASIC Miners
05:30 Installing the Shroud Kit on my Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro
06:15 Installing the Pivotal Pleb Board to Replace the Fans
07:00 Installing the AC Infinity 8″ Inline Fan for Better Cooling and Quieter!
08:00 Taking my Home Crypto Miner Cooling to The Next Level!


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