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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Poloniex Hacker’s $10 Million Dilemma: Will Justice Prevail or Elude?


In a bold move, Poloniex claims to have unmasked the hacker behind the recent $100 million crypto heist. The exchange is dangling a $10 million carrot, urging the perpetrator to return the stolen assets before Nov. 25, or face the wrath of international law enforcement.

However, skepticism looms within the crypto community. A member questions the need for involving police across three countries and broadcasting the message in 15 languages if the hacker is truly identified.

Despite the exchange’s confidence, doubts persist. Poloniex insists the stolen funds are marked and unusable, yet it’s offering a tempting “white hat reward” to the hacker-turned-good-guy.

With a looming deadline, the crypto world watches intently. If the funds aren’t returned, Poloniex promises law enforcement action. The global crypto community holds its breath, wondering: will justice prevail, or will the hacker slip through the cracks?

The crypto saga began in November, with a suspicious outflow from Poloniex’s wallet. More than $100 million vanished, prompting the exchange to disable the wallet and offer a 5% bounty for fund return. Now, with security tightened and withdrawals resumed, Poloniex faces a pivotal moment in crypto justice. Will the hacker succumb to the lure of the bounty, or is this just the beginning of a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game?

Source: Cointelegraph


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