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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Paraguayan Senator Uncovers Alleged Corruption Scandal Involving High-Ranking Officials and Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farms


A shocking corruption scandal has been uncovered in Paraguay, involving high-ranking officials of the National Power Administration of Paraguay (ANDE) and illegal bitcoin mining farm operators. Senator Salyn Buzarquis made the allegations during a Senate session, stating that senior managers of ANDE, with the complicity of their officials, are collecting bribe payments from several illegal bitcoin mining farms operating in the country.

According to Buzarquis, these officials are billing an average of $500,000 in bribes for stealing energy from the Paraguayan people with illegal cryptocurrencies. He claimed that the scale and scope of the corruption scheme suggest that it must have been done with the knowledge of Felix Sosa, the president of ANDE.

“This administration has been characterized by installing a frontal combat in the pursuit of this type of punishable acts, especially facilities that carry out cryptomining activity illegally,” ANDE responded in a statement, rejecting Buzarquis’ allegations. However, the senator remains adamant that Sosa must have been aware of the corruption, citing the size and scope of the scheme.

Buzarquis has called for Sosa’s resignation or an interrogation in the Senate to answer questions about the allegations. The senator’s claims are not new, as earlier reports have suggested that ANDE employees have been involved in corruption schemes since 2018.

The allegations come as ANDE announced an increase in power tariffs applied to legal cryptocurrency mining operators in Paraguay, sparking outrage among these companies. The tariff hike, which ranges from 10% to 14%, has been met with rejection from the legal mining operators.

The corruption scandal has raised concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability in Paraguay’s energy sector. The country’s government must take immediate action to address these allegations and ensure that the energy sector is free from corruption and illegal activities.

In the meantime, the Paraguayan people are left wondering how their energy is being stolen and what measures will be taken to prevent such corruption in the future.



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