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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Michelle Obama Rises to Third in 2024 Election Odds, Challenging Trump and Biden


24 days ago, News delved into Polymarket’s decentralized prediction market odds for the 2024 U.S. elections, with former President Donald Trump at the forefront, closely trailed by the sitting President Joe Biden, and the ex-U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley. Since that report, the dynamics have shifted significantly, with Michelle Obama, former President Barack Obama’s spouse, now captivatingly securing the third spot.

The race for the 2024 election is heating up, with a narrowing field as numerous candidates have withdrawn. Currently, not only the decentralized prediction market Polymarket but also a substantial number of conventional betting platforms are indicating ex-President Donald Trump as the frontrunner for the U.S. election victory. Polymarket stands out as a platform for predictions, enabling users to trade shares based on the potential outcomes of upcoming events, operating on the Polygon blockchain.

At present, the leading prediction markets on Polymarket are focused on the 2024 U.S. election and Super Bowl LVIII. Archived statistics on Feb. 11, 2024, indicate that Trump is in the lead with a 52% probability, while the incumbent U.S. President Joe Biden follows with a 33% likelihood. As of now, the betting market has seen $51 million wagered on the outcome of the 2024 U.S. election. Notably, deviating from last month’s leading predictions, Michelle Obama has emerged as a contender, securing the third spot.

While the former First Lady has not officially announced a presidential run, speculation is rife about her potentially surpassing Biden in the race. The rumors are all over social media channels amid discussions about Biden’s cognitive abilities. Yet, Karl Rove, the former Deputy Chief of Staff during the Bush Administration, dismissed these rumors as baseless during an interview with Fox Business, asserting that “she hates politics.”

Despite this, on the Polymarket betting platform, Obama is attributed a 9% chance of securing a victory in the 2024 election, positioning her under Biden’s lead in the race. The Polygon-based predictions market also includes California Governor Gavin Newsom, Independent candidate Robert Kennedy Jr., and Vice President Kamala Harris. Traditional betting platforms and online odds for the 2024 general election reveal that the former First Lady is now featured on every roster, including prominent sites such as and

The inclusion of Michelle Obama in the betting odds for the 2024 election adds an intriguing dimension to an already heated race. It reflects the widespread interest in her potential candidacy and the uncertainty surrounding the political landscape. As the campaign progresses, it will be fascinating to see how these odds evolve and whether Obama’s position strengthens or fades in the eyes of both prediction markets and traditional betting platforms.



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