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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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How I Built a Home Crypto Mining Shed in 10 Days!


In a remarkable 10-day sprint, a close-knit team successfully overhauled a home crypto mining shed, enhancing its capacity from 10 to 24 Bitcoin ASIC miners. This expansion was achieved by not only revamping the airflow system for increased miner accommodation but also by transitioning each miner to a quieter, more efficient Inline Shroud System. This system incorporated AC Infinity fans capable of 800 CFM, alongside shroud kits from Fruition Design and integration boards from Pivotal Pleb. The project culminated in the installation of a new 400 Amp dedicated commercial service, supported by a 160-foot trench filled with substantial cabling. With these upgrades, the home mining operation has ascended to a new level of efficiency, ready to resume crypto mining with renewed vigor.

📺Video Chapters and Content:
00:00 Day 1 – Demo Begins on Our Previous Build and Setup
07:55 Day 2 – New Shed Design and Layout
12:10 Day 3 – Insane Cooling and Airflow Here we Come!
19:20 Day 4 – Let’s Dig a 160Ft Trench!
29:00 Day 5 – Let’s Run Some Cable and Conduit!
35:22 Day 6 – Will we be Ready for Electrical Inspection?
38:35 Day 8 – Did we Pass Inspection?
40:00 Day 9 – We Are Almost There!
40:30 Day 10 – Power Company has Arrived!

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