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Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Hashing24 vs Genesis Mining


Hashing24 has been around since 2012, while Genesis Mining was founded in 2013. Both companies offer cloud mining services. However, which company offers the most bang for your buck?

Cloud mining is a great way to get started with cryptocurrency. But how do you choose between two popular cloud mining providers? In this article, we will compare hashing24 vs genesis mining and find out who offers the most value for your investment.

We will also look at the pros and cons of each service and see which one is the best fit for you. We will also cover the differences between cloud mining and Bitcoin mining.

I hope you enjoy our comparison!

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is the world’s largest cloud mining provider of bitcoin and altcoins. It offers small, medium, and large mining contracts across more than 100 countries. It supports more than 10 mineable cryptocurrencies. It offers six major mining algorithms. Its mining software works with script algorithms, proof-of-work ideals, and various mining techniques.

Genesis Mining started its operations in 2013 and has since become one of the leading players in the cloud mining industry. Its platform offers cloud mining for Bitcoin and six other popular cryptocurrencies. Its website is available in multiple languages and has more than two million active users. It offers multicurrency cloud mining and a full range of deposit and withdrawal methods.

Genesis Mining is a cloud mining provider with data centers in Iceland. It offers lower costs per GH/s per day but it does not guarantee profitability. It offers open-ended 2-year contracts. Genesis Mining has a more attractive pricing scheme, but it is not more profitable than Hashing24. Genesis Mining offers an unlimited plan that costs $ 1,950. The pricing structure is also more attractive for new clients.

Genesis Mining offers an enterprise-level cloud mining solution for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with up to 1000 GH of hash rate. It offers both custom and pre-set plans. It offers a 3% discount code for your first investment. Genesis Mining supports Bitcoin as well as over a dozen other cryptocurrencies. Its ASIC software ensures the security of daily transactions. It also charges a fixed maintenance fee, which is deducted from your daily payouts.


Hashing24 is a cloud mining service that enables its clients to buy newly mined Bitcoins. Clients can choose the amount of hashing power they want and purchase it for a certain price. Then, the hashing process begins and the mined coins are credited to their account on a daily basis. Once the client reaches a certain amount, they can withdraw it to their personal wallet.

It is important to be aware that Hashing24 doesn’t provide services to users in the United States.


Hashing24 offers a unique opportunity to purchase hash power. Unlike other mining websites, it does not offer predetermined packages. Users purchase hash power according to their needs. This means that if you need 100 GH/S, you should pay around $ 68.5. In addition, you have to pay a service fee of $ 0.00033 per day.

Hashing24’s website has a public address where you can contact them. It also lists contact information for the company’s offices in Ukraine and Thailand. Its team is professional and experienced with more than four years in the industry. It is also worth considering Hashing24’s ability to sell newly-minted Bitcoins.

Hashing24 vs Genesis Mining: The Difference

When comparing the two, it can be difficult to tell which is better. There are a few factors to consider before making a decision.

First, each is expensive compared to the others. Genesis Mining is less expensive than Hashing24, but Hashing24 owns Bitfury, a company that makes ASIC chips. _THIS MAKES HASHING24 A SAFER OPTION. _The company pays out your profits to your balance area on the website and does not charge transaction fees.

THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HASHING24 AND GENESIS MINING IS THE AMOUNT OF HASHING POWER. Genesis mining is a little bit more expensive but allows its users to purchase extra hashing power with bitcoins. Furthermore, it is flexible when it comes to allocating hash power. It lets clients choose which coins to mine with their extra hashing power, which can be quite helpful for people who mine multiple cryptocurrencies.

While both cloud mining services have similar features, HASHING24 OFFERS UNLIMITED CONTRACTS FOR A LOWER PRICE. It also sells newly minted Bitcoins. Its mining process can be verified using block explorers. After payment and registration, the process begins. To get the most out of your investment, consider using Hashing24.

Hashing24 has a free Demo Mining option that will let you test its features without risking any of your money.

Hashing24 has a good reputation for being the most secure and reliable mining service, and it’s a good choice for those who aren’t sure which mining contract is right for them. It also lets you pay for mining contracts with a credit card, bank transfer, or OK PAY. It also allows you to start mining anytime.

GENESIS MINING HAS A HIGHER REPUTATION AS A SAFE AND PROFITABLE CLOUD MINING SERVICE. It has a high Alexa ranking and huge search engine traffic, which indicates that it’s one of the most trusted cloud mining services. Though you might be tempted to spend a bit more on a mining contract with Genesis Mining, the service is well worth the price.

Its user-friendly interface and attentive support service are two major selling points, which users praise. Be aware that you’ll have to pay a daily maintenance fee when using Hashing24.

Genesis Mining offers a variety of contracts, including one called the Diamond contract. The Diamond contract is priced at $1600, and Genesis Mining’s Platinum contract is available for a similar price.

GENESIS MINING IS ONE OF THE OLDEST CLOUD MINING COMPANIES AND HAS A PUBLIC DATA CENTER IN ICELAND. It offers top-of-the-line hardware and cheap cooling for its clients. The service has a reputation for being a genuine cloud mining company, and its partnership with Bitfury gives you peace of mind that the company is legit and reliable.

BOTH GENESIS MINING AND HASHING24 OFFER CLOUD MINING FOR BITCOIN. HASHING24 USES MODERN ASIC CHIPS FROM BITFURY TO MINE BITCOINS. The Genesis Mining cloud mining provider offers three Bitcoin cloud mining plans and Zcash mining contracts. Genesis Mining and Hashing24 have been in the cloud mining business since 2012.

Genesis Mining is a more reputable Cloud Mining Service Provider and has made over 100 million transactions since its inception. It has also set up the LOGOS Fund, paving the way for a more professional approach toward large investment portfolios. It has also moved away from the culture of users starting their own mining and using different hardware. It has established a more professional approach toward its brand image.

Hashing24’s profitability depends on the amount of power you order. The cheapest contract costs $ 20 per 100 GH/S (which is the amount of hash power required to mine Bitcoin). The more power you order, the more virtual money you’ll earn each day. Moreover, the minimum amount to withdraw is 0.001 BTC with no commission. This is a great option for those who are skeptical about the mining process and would rather invest their money in something they can trust.


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