Mine the Gap

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We believe that mining closes the gap between right now and the token economy.

Mining isn’t just about hitting pay-dirt.
When more mining computers connect to the Blockchain and dig for bitcoins, their computing power validates transactions and synchronizes the peer-to-peer network. Mining adds blocks that build the Bitcoin Blockchain. It increases bitcoin availability and substantiates its expansion towards global usage.

Mining contributes to stabilizing the worth of bitcoin.

As mining nears the hard-coded 21 million bitcoin cap, markets will decide the worth of a coin that is independent of governments and banks, immune to inflation and impossible to forge, steal or tamper with. They will decide the worth of a digital ledger that allows for secure transactions with very low fees - in any amount, anywhere, at any time, and in complete transparency.

Bitminer Factory is investing in that worth by offering its know-how for large-scale mining.

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Investment Offer

Bitcoin mining has long outgrown its garage phase.
The new operational standard in today’s crypto economy is large-scale mining, powered by industrial-grade electricity.
Profitable mining requires machines with the highest hash-power and the lowest cost of electricity.

Bitminer Factory offers professional investors an opportunity to become proprietary miners without the burden of day-to-day management. We provide remote hosting of large mining setups that accrue bitcoins (BTC) with the highest efficiency. 

Our proprietary Mobile Mining Module (M3) is a scalable solution equipped with cutting-edge mining technology, and custom infrastructure. We assemble and deploy the M3s to locations where we have negotiated competitive electricity rates, and where we guarantee round-the-clock monitoring and servicing.

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Investment Features

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    Five-year contract with all-inclusive after-sales services

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    Fleets of M3 units, WIRED to 5 Megawatt electrical cabins

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    For single investors or pools of investors

Investment Outlook

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    Esitmated initial CAPEX €1.5 million
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    Target payback period < 6 Months
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    IRR estimated at 200-215% *
*Mining metrics and exchange rate calculations are based on data available on June 20, 2019. Network hash rate varies over time. Future block reward and hash rate changes are not taken into account.

Ready to Mine?

If you share our philosophy and are ready to profit from mining, let us share our investment plan with you.