Token Economy

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Enabling Micropayments

Built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain is a second protocol layer, called Lightning Network. As a payment channel network, it allows instant and virtually unlimited transactions among peers.
On the Lightning Network, two parties can trade assets by opening micropayment channels off-chain, through digital signatures. Only when the channel is closed, does the Bitcoin Blockchain record the final balance of all transactions, and hashes it into a block. The Lightning Network has spurred a plethora of proof-of-concept projects to develop decentralized Lightning Applications (LAPPs), supporting real-life adoption of Bitcoin, and integrating with the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Regulated investments

Blockchain companies are going head to head to establish global market dominance, calling on regulators to examine ways to introduce compliance standards - to protect investors without halting innovation.
Security Token Offerings (STOs) propose ownership of underlying assets on regulated crypto-exchanges. Blockchain startups turn their value-chain into tokens, and sell them in exchange for equity, dividends, profits, or interest. The crypto-crowdfunding model provides investors with the speed and reliability of Blockchain, within a framework of legal protection against fraud.

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