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Monday, June 17, 2024
HomeProfitabilityCRUSHING it with HELIUM MOBILE! How Much I Made with Helium 5G!

CRUSHING it with HELIUM MOBILE! How Much I Made with Helium 5G!


In today’s video we discuss My 2 Helium Mobile 5G Radios and HOW MUCH MONEY I made Profiting from their Mining over the last year. This video was a blast torecord and share with you as we discuss my At Home Helium 5G FreedomFi Miner, the Antenna, these MASSIVE Baicells Nova 430H Radio Cell. We have made a KILLING from the Helium Mobile Token, Here is How Much I Earned!

📺Video Chapters and Content:
00:00 I took PROFITS on HELIUM MOBILE Mining, Here is How Much!
01:15 Let’s Take a Look at my Helium 5G Miner Home Setup Install
06:23 I Bought a Helium Mobile Miner in Flordia, already Installed!
10:00 Where I Bought My FreedomFi Gateway and Baicells Radio
11:00 I Made a Mistake and Waited so LONG to do my Install!
14:00 How Much I Made Mining Helium Mobile
19:15 I Took Profits on my Helium Mobile and it Paid Off!


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