Cloudminerbiz Review with Prices and How It Works

In today’s culture, mining has become extremely popular. Mining is naturally following the popularity of Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is constantly being explored in the media and elsewhere. Since then, many businesses have emerged, each making bold promises while offering their take on the mining problem alongside many products and services. Everybody is trying to get rich quickly.

Providing Cloud Mining services is a relatively new phenomenon. Companies that lend out mining equipment and then take a significant cut of your earnings. Among these cloud mining services is In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about As such, you can make an informed decision on whether this cloud mining service is worth your time and energy or not.

What is Cloud mining?

The original method of crypto mining relied on a computational procedure to generate cryptocurrency. To earn cryptocurrency, miners must use specialized techniques to solve difficult mathematical puzzles. A similar procedure occurs in cloud mining, but rather than using the miner’s hardware and software, cloud mining relies on renting or purchasing these resources from an external supplier.

When more people started dabbling in cryptocurrencies, the mining process got more complicated and demanding of resources. The high cost of electricity and the inevitable damage that occurs on mining hardware has made the practice unprofitable for many individuals who previously conducted it on their computers. For this reason, cloud mining has gained popularity.

How does cloud mining work?

Cloud mining refers to the practice in which miners lease processing time from external cloud providers. This saves miners the trouble and expense of acquiring their hardware and other resources. With cloud mining, miners don’t have to worry about keeping their hardware up to date or tended to. The service provider invests in or constructs mining equipment and then leases out computing power to miners. Once the cryptocurrency has been mined, it is transferred to the miner’s wallet.

The service provider will typically provide a mining-as-a-service solution to facilitate mining equipment management outsourcing further. The mining technique is quite similar to that used to generate digital currencies. A block is added to a blockchain when a transaction is approved and a new coin is issued. The blockchain expands by one block every moment a transaction is verified and counted. Miners earn cryptocurrency by adding these blocks to the chain after they have been validated. Mining pools can take advantage of the cloud services provided by various websites.

What is Cloudminerbiz

Through your browser, allows you to earn free bitcoins. You can earn free bitcoin if you keep your browser open while utilizing this service. Immediately after entering your wallet address on their website, you will be eligible to start earning 0.00015 BTC, equivalent to 3.0707 USD daily in earnings. What’s more, you can see the rate of how much is being withdrawn in real time by following the wallet address of other people.

Cloudminerbiz prices, upon signing up, is free; the only information they would need from you is your bitcoin wallet address so that they will know where they will be sending the BTC once it has reached the minimum withdrawal amount.

  1. Basic Version 1.1

This version allows you to earn 110 satoshi/min. This would mean that you make 0.0016 BTC ($32.70) per day while giving you an Affiliate bonus of 30%, and to get this, you would have to pay 0.005 BTC ($10.22)

  1. Standard Version 1.2

The second version lets you earn 690 satoshi/min. This means that you would be making 0.01 BTC ($20.44) per day while giving you an Affiliate bonus of 40%, and to get this, you would have to pay 0.0025 BTC ($51.10)

  1. Standard Version 1.3

The next version you can upgrade to would be 1.3. In this version, you earn 3500 satoshi/min. You would earn 0.05 BTC ($1021.99) daily while giving an Affiliate bonus of 50%. To get this version, you would need to pay 0.125 BTC ( $2,554.98)

  1. Premium Version 1.4

The final version you can upgrade to would let you earn 17360 satoshi/min. This would allow you to earn 0.25 BTC ($5109.95) daily while giving you an Affiliate bonus of 60%. This version is their highest plan and would cost you 0.05 BTC ( $10,219.90)

Cloudminerbiz’s benefits

Cloudminerbiz can give you many benefits, among which is how easy the service is to use. Because again, you would only have to place your bitcoin wallet on the site, and you can already start earning your BTC. What’s more, you will see the actual increase in what you earn in real-time. According to the website, you can withdraw what you earn in ten days’ time using the free version. You can also track the withdrawn amounts of other people by looking at their wallet addresses.

Does Cloudminerbiz have any downsides?

One of the many things you will find when searching for Cloudminerbiz online is negative reviews. Among our comments of people saying that the site is a scam and that they have been ripped off. Some even say that after ten days, they were still not able to receive the promised amount and that on their side, their withdrawal amount is still in pending status. On top of all this, ever since they took the site down, it has done nothing but add fuel to the negativity that some have for the website itself.


Ultimately, one will never know whether Cloudminerbiz was a real cloud mining service that lets you earn free bitcoins or was a scam. What’s important is that the service was a great help to some people and gave them the opportunity to try out what it feels like to earn bitcoins. Some people had high hopes for the service, but the sudden shutting down of the website only let people down and simultaneously made others happy. Cloud mining will always be questioned whether it is Cloudminingbiz, but what matters is that owners of Cloudmining services always give their full attention to who their audiences are.