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Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Building a Crypto Mining Shed | The SHED is FINISHED!


Shed 2.0 is FINISHED! It’s been a few months in the making but we are READY to start MINING some CRYPTOCURRENCY! In this video we are going to be Racking and Stacking our Bitcoin ASIC Miners into our Crypto Mining Shed! There is no manual on “How to Build a Crypto Mining Shed”, it’s really trial and error, with learning along the way. This being the second Crypto Mining Shed that I have built, everything came together much much easier! Enjoy this video! I am looking forward to setting it and forgetting it and earning that Daily Passive Income with Crypto!

📺Video Content and Chapters:
00:00 Building a Crypto Mining Shed
01:36 Tour of my Finished Bitcoin Mining Shed
01:55 Running 150 AMPS of Power Dedicated to Crypto Mining
02:50 Network Setup inside our BTC Mining Shed
03:40 Our Bay System to Keep Everything Organized and Clean
04:50 First ASIC Miners are Plugged In!
05:40 Power and PDU Layout and Setup
06:50 How we are Cooling our Home Crypto Mining Shed
07:20 Fire Extinguisher and Other Fire Prevention Items Added to the Shed
07:40 Workbench Computer for the Shed
08:00 What the Cold Isle and Intake Airflow Looks Like
08:30 Plans for Testing ASICS more InDepth with Low Power Modes
09:00 Time to Unload and Planout our Bitcoin ASIC Miners!
10:30 What ASIC Miners am I Running in the New Shed?
12:30 What’s Coming Next!?


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