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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Become OBSESSED to Win…


Obsession is considered to be a BAD thing generally, but the irony is, if you ever want to WIN you’ll need to become obsessed to succeed and become the top 1%… whether that’s financially, in sports, gaming, and anything else — here’s why I am OBSESSED and with what.

Trading my time for financial money-making opportunities like free cryptocurrency airdrop hunting, learning a skill to be able to build and operate crypto mining rigs to earn passive income, and spending all my time researching emerging cryptocurrencies and stocks to hopefully find the next best investment along with content creation, I am nothing short of obsessed with crypto and my business VoskCoin, what do you think about my investing mindset and financial strategic gameplan?

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Why you need to be obsessed to win!
02:30 Living life at the fastest pace possible
04:50 CLICK THIS focused investor mindset
07:20 How to make life-changing money in crypto
09:32 Progressing towards financial freedom
11:30 Unbelievable new US tax implications
13:20 What will make you happy?
15:52 Our hyper-connected reality
18:17 Sacrifice everything for success?
22:01 Obsess over improving yourself!


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