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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Jamie Redman


16 Joules per Terahash: Bitmain Unveils High-Efficiency S21 Bitcoin Miners at Hong Kong Summit

Bitmain, a leading bitcoin mining rig manufacturer, has introduced the newest addition to its Antminer products: the S21 series. The newest models have an efficiency rating under 20 joules per terahash (J/T) and produce between 200 terahash per second (TH/s) and 335 TH/s. Bitmain Launches 2 New Antminers; Invests $54M in Core Scientific At the […]

Awakening of 2012 Bitcoins: 8 Transfers Mobilize 520 BTC After 11 Years

In September 2023, a flurry of dormant so-called “sleeping bitcoins” from 2012 stirred to life. On September 18, a whopping 909 BTC worth more than $24 million changed hands. Not resting there, the momentum carried into the next day when vintage transfers from 2012 mobilized 519.95 bitcoin, boasting a value of over $14 million. September’s […]

Dormant 2012 ‘Sleeping Bitcoin’ Addresses Spring to Life, Moving $8.6M in Vintage Coins

Onchain evidence reveals that three dormant ‘sleeping bitcoin’ addresses, established in January 2012, have awakened, moving a total of 325.19 bitcoin valued at over $8.6 million after an 11-year hiatus. Vintage Bitcoin Vaults Open: $8.6M Moved From 2012 Dormant Addresses Bitcoin News recently highlighted the staggering $958 million in dormant bitcoin transactions in 2023. Shortly […]

Canaan Unveils Cutting-Edge Avalon 14 Series Bitcoin Miners

At the “Avalon Bitcoin & Crypto Day” conference in Singapore, the bitcoin mining application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) manufacturer Canaan showcased its new Avalon-made 14 series mining rigs. One of the mining machines, the A1466I, boasts an energy efficiency of fewer than 20 joules per terahash (J/T), approximately 19.5 J/T, and has a production capacity of […]

Environmentalists Rally Against Crypto Mining Facility Renewal in New York, Citing Climate Concerns

Environmental advocates are redoubling their efforts to persuade New York officials to decline an air permit renewal for a cryptocurrency mining facility in North Tonawanda. They assert that the operation imperils residents’ quality of life and undermines the state’s climate objectives, as per a report by Mark Scheer for the Niagara Gazette. Battle Brews Over […]

$21 Million in ‘Sleeping Bitcoins’ Awaken After Years of Dormancy 

Despite bitcoin’s (BTC) price dipping 6.4% this week and hovering below the $26K mark, a flurry of activity was noted between September 5th and 6th as several substantial ‘sleeping bitcoins’ stirred. After a lull of slightly over six years, an individual splurged 359.92 BTC, equivalent to $9.2 million, across eight distinct transactions. Moreover, on Wednesday, […]

Report Reveals 88,200 Millionaires Built Wealth Through Cryptocurrency

A study by Henley & Partners, an investment migration consultancy in London, reveals an interesting insight: of the world’s 56.1 million millionaires, a notable 88,200 have earned their fortunes in cryptocurrency. Crypto’s Elite: How Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Carved Out a New Generation of Millionaires and Billionaires At the time of writing, the crypto economy boasts […]

Cambridge Revises Bitcoin Mining Index, Lowers BTC’s Estimated Power Use

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance has significantly revised its Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, lowering its estimates of the cryptocurrency’s energy use after finding its previous model greatly overstated power consumption. Cambridge Centre Revises Bitcoin Energy Estimates Downward: Corrected Index Reflects More Accurate Power Consumption In a report published this week, the research center said its […]

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