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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Anna Baydakova


Ledger’s PR Struggle Reveals Uncomfortable Trade-Offs for Crypto Storage

Hardware wallet maker said full open sourcing is not an option as it needs to protect the security of its chip design.

Crypto Hacks Are Down and Hackers Tend to Return Stolen Money: TRM Labs Report

The sanctions against Tornado Cash, as well as last year's arrest of the Mango Markets infiltrator, motivate hackers to return their loot, researchers believe.

Dash Blockchain Halts, Binance Pool Suspends Mining Rewards

The oldest privacy coin halted after a failed hard fork, the blockchain reportedly split in two

Is Ledger’s New Bitcoin Key Recovery Feature Safe? Experts Have Doubts

Ledger believes the service will help attract customers turned off by crypto's unforgiving self-custody ethos. But critics wonder whether the concept is compatible with a real hardware wallet.

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