Asicminer Block Erupter Price and How It Works

Mining is the process of creating new Bitcoins by solving complicated math problems verifying currency transactions. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency which is a digital medium of exchange that is usually carried online. In the mining of bitcoin, the computers on the network verify and process the transaction, and new bitcoins are created. The people who do the verification process and processing of these transactions are called miners and get paid in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is powered by blockchains, a technology that powers various cryptocurrencies. A blockchain is a system in which transactions made in Bitcoin are maintained across various computers linked to a network.

Types of cryptocurrency mining

There are several methods of cryptocurrency mining, and it all depends on your preferred method. Here is just but a few type to check out:

  • ASIC mining is where you can only use a specific cryptocurrency.
  • GPU mining uses graph cards to mine crypto, and it can mine other types of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.
  • CPU mining is the most accessible method of mining crypto since you only need a computer and an internet network.
  • Cloud mining is a type of mining whereby you pay a company to mine crypto for you instead of using your own network. You get profits after they have deducted maintenance and electricity costs that they incurred while mining for you.

What is an ASIC miner?

ASIC stands for Application- Specific Integrated Circuit. It is a chip that is designed for a specific purpose. An ASIC miner is a computerized device that uses ASICs for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency through a digital medium. ASIC miners are designed in such a way that you can mine a particular currency only. That means you can choose to mine a cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin only.

Using ASIC miners to mine Bitcoin can be costly and complicated. Still, it will give you better results than what you will get when mining through an ordinary computer network because ASIC miners are fast and more powerful.

What are the advantages of using an ASIC miner?

They have high mining efficiency; when you mine using ASIC miners, you will realize that they are highly efficient compared to CPU and GPU since they are mighty.

Low energy usage, ASIC miners save on electricity since they have been originally designed to consume less power.

High profits, when you mine through ASIC miners, you are assured of more profits since they only mine one particular currency like Bitcoin. This means that you will focus more on that specific cryptocurrency, and considering how powerful and fast they are, you are assured of better mining results, hence more profits.

Easy to establish since they have been designed to mine a particular cryptocurrency, it makes it easy for miners to set it up and use it primarily with an ASIC block erupter.

What is ASIC miner block Erupter?

An ASIC miner block erupter is a portable USB device that Bitcoin miners use in mining Bitcoin. They can be used well by people who want to learn more about Bitcoin and everything about how it’s mined and how much profit one can make. It helps beginners to take care of and analyze the miner. It also helps a beginner experiment with mining, uses the best safety precautions to avoid losses, and track their earnings. The ASIC miner block eruptions come in different colors. Some are red and black. Silver and yellow.

How does an ASIC miner block Erupter work?

Now more than ever, Bitcoin mining has become very popular, and new people are entering the cryptocurrency market, trying to learn a thing or two about mining. With the help of good background, research is sure that you have heard about an ASIC blockchain erupter and wondered how to use it or install it.

An ASIC block erupter is essential if you are a beginner and want to try out bitcoin mining. To install the ASIC block erupter and get it running, you can follow the following steps.

You can install it on windows 7 or 8. Here is a clear process that you’ll use to do the download:

  • Download and install CG miner (this is an easy step that should not confuse you)
  • Download and install the driver USB To UART Bridge VCP drivers
  • Once you have installed the driver, you can see your USB ASIC miner block erupter from the control panel and printers.
  • Plug in the USB ASIC miner block erupter and start mining Bitcoin.

ASIC miners block erupters help you to experiment with a rig and analyze your earnings as a beginner since these are the things that you will be doing once you start mining Bitcoin with an ASIC miner.

ASIC miner block erupters’ prices

ASIC miners block erupters prices vary from different places depending on where you purchase them. On Amazon, the ASIC miners block erupters cost $200 and have 330 MHz. Many users have commented, saying how efficient it was and it’s fast and easy to use as a learning guide for beginners.

The ASIC miner’s block erupters can also be found on eBay; they are of different colors. They cost $150 with a speed of 330MHs. They are cheaper as compared to the ones sold on Amazon.

The good thing about ordering your ASIC miner block erupter from eBay is that you are assured of fast shipping of your order, and they come with instructions on how to install it.

You can also buy the ASIC miner block erupters from; they sell the block erupters for $83.61 and have a speed of 336MHs. This is a very cheap price compared to Amazon and eBay.


As a beginner, it is beneficial to use ASIC miner block erupters since they will give you a good experience of how trading is done. You don’t have to spend all your investment to get one. Aside from being affordable, you’ll get value for the money you’ll pay.