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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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ANDE Engineers Accused of Setting up Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farms in Paraguay


A shocking investigation has revealed that employees of the National Power Administration (ANDE) in Paraguay have been accused of participating directly in setting up illegal bitcoin mining farms across the country. According to local sources, seven engineers from the institution have been installing these farms, which are allegedly siphoning unmetered power directly from the grid.

The investigation, which is being carried out with ANDE’s cooperation, has sparked outrage among industry insiders, who claim that this is not an isolated incident. Felix Sosa, President of ANDE, has confirmed that the institution’s internal audit unit is verifying the allegations and delivering all related information to the national prosecutor’s office for further investigation.

However, Sosa has denied that ANDE employees were responsible for executing electrical connections, stating that this function has been delegated to third-party contractors since some time ago. This claim has been met with skepticism by industry experts, who point out that reports of corrupt ANDE officials asking for bribes, extorting, and creating clandestine connections have been circulating since 2018.

Joaquin Morinigo, founder and CEO of Cryptopy, a Bitcoin and blockchain consulting agency, has spoken out about the allegations, stating that ANDE has a “structural corruption problem”. Morinigo has also highlighted the negative impact that these illegal connections have on the industry, citing the existence of “vulture contracts” that have caused more economic damage to the sector.

The Paraguayan government has been promoting bitcoin mining as a way to develop a more labor-intensive industry, using the country’s energy resources to power these operations. However, the recent allegations have raised concerns about the integrity of the industry and the potential for further corruption.

As the investigation continues, it remains to be seen whether ANDE employees will be held accountable for their alleged involvement in illegal bitcoin mining activities. In the meantime, the incident has sparked a heated debate about the need for greater transparency and accountability in the industry.



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