17 People Who Make Money Mining Crypto and How They Do It

The Crypto industry is one of the most profitable now after investors from all walks of life are already reaping big with huge profits. Pioneer investors turned millionaires overnight after the crypto value surged with various crypto coins, such as Bitcoin, shooting in value to almost 10 times their value when they were launched. Many people have invested and made money from the crypto industries, from miners to investors. Despite the falling in value of various coins, most people are still taking their chances by investing in the industry with hopes it will rise soon. So who are some of the people who have made money mining crypto?

1. Kane Ellis

Kane Ellis from Australia is among thousands of people who have made money from mining crypto. He started the venture in 2010. Ellis was interested in Bitcoin a few years after its launch, costing around 1.60 US dollars. Besides the entrepreneur being known as one of the youngest CEOs in Australia for his technology company, he has made most of his money from Bitcoin mining.

2. Koch Kristoffer

Koch, in 2009 ventured into mining Bitcoin with a startup of 26 US dollars as a hobby while in the university. Koch purchased over 5,000 Bitcoins. He once confessed to even forgetting he had mined crypto coins. In 2013, Koch sold just a fifth of his total coins and made over $ 800k. Kristoffer Koch is now a millionaire with more than 4,000 coins to spare.

3. Javed Khan

He had a dream to one day own an expensive sports car. In 2018, with $ 3000, he decided to invest in Bitcoin. Javed continued to buy more coins considering projections of the coin gaining more in a few years. In 2020, when Bitcoin started performing extremely well, he sold it. Currently, he owns one of the rare sports cars, the Bentley.

4. Logic

Logic decided to venture into Bitcoin, investing over $ 6 million and very optimistic that the coin would give him huge returns. The coin was around $ 10,000, then rising to over $ 40,000 in 2022. Logic made big returns when he cashed in on his huge reserve of Bitcoin.

5. Erik Finman

At just 12 years, Finman sold his video tutoring service he had started with just $ 1000. A company offered him $ 100k to sell his tutoring company or take 300 Bitcoins. You know the choice he made. On turning 18, he was already a millionaire and won a dare against his parents on not joining college if he was a millionaire at 18 years.

6. Kingsley Advani

Advani invested in crypto mining after selling everything he owned to raise enough startup funds. Advani, a former software company worker, risked and invested even his salary in cryptocurrency. By 2017 he had already quit his job after his investment yielded big. He now travels the world advising an investor.

7. Elon Musk

Elon Musk might be associated much with the Tesla Company. Musk decided to venture into the Bitcoin industry and bought Bitcoins. His company of 2021 has over $ 1.5 billion worth of Bitcoins.

8. Jeremy Gardner

While still in his 20s, Jeremy Garner had already invested enough in the cryptocurrency to be termed a millionaire. He started in the industry when a friend who owed him money decided to pay him off through Bitcoins. He invested further, reaping big by selling some of his coins. Gardner currently owns a prediction company Augur.

9. Mr. Smith

He is one of the secret Bitcoin millionaires with little information about himself known to the public. He came into the limelight when Forbes interviewed him. He is estimated to have made over $ 25 million in profits from Bitcoin after starting with only $ 3000 in 2010.

10. Daniel Crocker

Crocker ventured into Bitcoin while on an internship at a technology company. He just wanted to make some money for upkeep. After realizing how much profit to make, Crocker gave it all. Recently he cashed in on his reserves, making big gains. Gardener claims he has made more than he could have made in his entire life.

11. Delaney Heather

Heather started with $ 5 a joke to see what would happen. After realizing the value of cryptocurrency was growing, she decided to invest gradually and more Bitcoin. She claims it as a pension investment for the future.

12. Terry Proud

The Australian started buying Bitcoin in 2017. After he retired, he used part of his investment and bought Bitcoin, which was then at around $ 3000. After a few years, the value of his Bitcoin rose to give him huge profits.

13. Su Zhu

In 2012, Zhu with his friends started a company with the help of his friends. He had early worked with Credit Suisse, where he gained a lot of experience. Currently, he owns a cryptocurrency reserve worth millions.

14. James Saye

He had a dream of going on a mega holiday in Iceland. He was sure willing to Invest in cryptocurrency but gave a trial with $ 500. After a few months, he could cash in on his little investment earning over $2500 to pay for a trip to Iceland.

15. Snoop Dog

The popular musician decided to invest in Bitcoin when fans requested to purchase his albums through Bitcoin. That was back in 2013; his album was valued at a petty 0.3 Bitcoin. It is believed the singer made big when Bitcoin appreciated may be one of the reasons, he is not releasing any music in recent years.

16. Bill Gates

He was not a fan of cryptocurrency then, but after witnessing the rise in the crypto market’s value, he changed his earlier sentiments. He is currently one of the biggest investors in cryptocurrency.

17. Paris Hilton

You might have had the name before, but not for cryptocurrency, but the star is among the many investors who have made big money from Crypto coins.

How Do They Do It

Most people have made money from crypto through mining or buying and selling it at higher prices, making huge profits. Mining Crypto coins is not a walk in the park, but it was one of the earliest forms of many people-owned cryptos. It involves using advanced computers to solve complex computing equations. They are then rewarded with coins. It is expensive to set up a mining firm or mining as it requires expensive computers and systems to start a station or firm. The miners will then sell the crypto coins on open markets with the highest possible returns.

Some popular gainers from crypto have also made money by buying and selling them when their value appreciates. It is now one of the common ways to make money from crypto coins after many considered mining a bit expensive with low returns. They can know the best time to cash in on their coins through crypto trading sites and forecast bots.

To wrap up, it is time you tried Crypto mining; it is not an easy venture requiring patience, but you could earn big money in the end.